Appetizer : Fresh Spring Roll

               Beansprout, Carrot,Cabbage,Cilantro,Onion                      2 for $2.99

Shrimp Roll 2 for $3.99

Dessert    : Coconut Banana                           Rice Cake

Sticky Rice,Coconut Milk $1.99 

                  : Sticky Rice with                           fruit $3.99

Soup  :  Coconut Soup with            Chicken   Small $5.99,

     Shrimp    Small $6.99

tomato,Cabbage,green  onion,  


            :  Tom Yum Soup with                     Chicken Small $5.99

                Shrimp   Small$6.99    

   tomato,green onion,mushroom

           Noodle Soup :Large$7.99

   Choice Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Combo

Served with Beansprout,Cilantro,Cabbage

           1. Boat Noodle,

           2.Tom Yum Noodle

           3. Kao Soy Kai

           4. Spicy Curry Noodle Soup

               Salad :

   1. Thai Salad                                                   Cucumber,tomato,Cilantro,Onion

       Choice         Small  Large

        Chicken       $3.99  $7.99

        Shrimp        $5.99  $8.99

         Beef            $5.99 $8.99

   2. Larb Kai  $8.99

       Cilantro, Onion, Green onion

****     Lunch includes soup

          Dinner includes soup

Served with Thai jasmine Rice

                                 and Soup

     Choice             Lunch  Dinner

              Chicken    $7.99  $8.99

               Beef        $8.99  $8.99

               Shrimp    $8.99  $10,50

      Combo Add $2Shrimp,$2 Beef

1. Pad Thai

    Egg,Green  Onion,Cabbage,Beansprout

2. Thai Fried Rice 

3. Rad Hna Noodle Broccoli,Onion,Mushroom

4.Drunken Noodle                                           Egg,Basil,Broccoli,Cabbage

5. Green Curry Fried Rice


6. Basil Stir-fry                                   Basil,Broccoli,Onion,Green Onion, 

    Bell Pepper

7.Pineapple Stir-fry Pineapple,Carrot,             Cabbage,Onion

8.Veggie Stir-fry Basil, Broccoli,Cabbage,

   Onion,Mushroom,Green onion,                     Beansprout

9. Cashew Stir-fry  Cashew,Onion,

    Green onion, Mushroom

10. Hot Pepper Steak Bell Pepper,                    Green onion, Mushroom

11. Yellow Curry Potato

12.Panang Curry Bell Pepper,Onion

13.Green Curry  Potato,Basil,Bell                      Pepper,Carrot

14.Red Curry Basil,Broccoli, Bell Pepper,

     Green onion,Bamboo,Carrot

       Quick Lunch                  Special $6.99

   Thai Fried Rice                     Chicken

  Order 2 minutes

        Pick up